Community projects are great for many reasons.

Community Projects are great for a whole range of reasons.

In London there are various community projects that offer opportunities to experience music and gain experience at rehearsing and performing. Within the domain of Afro- Cuban music, in addition to the Soas Big Band, the London Lucumi Choir has been an environment where singers can have opportunities to learn and grow and gain experience performing, singing, and learning the importance of rhythm, call and response singing and simply keeping the vocal chords working. In addition to everyday members of the community, we have had the pleasure of having some spectacular singers, some of whom have launched their performing career in the Choir, some who were already seasoned perfomers but enjoyed the vibe of singing in a large group and with Afro-Cuban percussion, and some who continue to contribute to rehearsals, performances and recordings. In addition, musical alliances have taken place as a result of the Choir and have led to some interesting musical projects.

At London’s Jazz Café, this sunday 31st January, 2016, launches former Choir Member Eliane Correa’s En El Aire project Eliane Correa’s facebook page. and latest Album “ Rumba Con Flores” Promoted by Movimientos:


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Performers include Gerardo de Armas, one of our regular percussionists and rumba mentors on percussion.


Supporting Eliane is Juanita Euka’s own musical project.


Juanita Euka

Juanita has been a member of the Choir for several years

Watch both Juanita and Gerardo in this short Video Clip

and sings in several languages including English, French, Spanish and Lingala. I went to see the launch of her gig last week and it was spectacular and uplifting. Please check out both projects and if you are in London, go to the Gig at the Jazz Café. If you are not in London, buy Eliane’s album and watch out for Juanita!!

Juanita’s Facebook Page, for more information!

Video of New New Single ( Eliane Correa, En El Aire)