Urban Summer Singing Retreat 2018

The London Lucumi Choir are hosting a summer singing retreat, in it’s home on the outskirts of Queen’s Woods, Highgate/Muswell Hill.

If the weather is good we will be singing outside.


SATURDAY 18th AUGUST  10.30 am – 5.00pm

On the Saturday we will be learning songs to the Orishas Elegua, Ogun, Ochosi and Yemaya and Chango, accompanied by Bata drums.

Saturday only tickets.   concessionary tickets


Sunday 19th August 10.30am – 5.30 pm

On The Sunday, there is an optional class for 8 participants for a gentle wake up Yoga session with Leah.

Morning: We will be then learning some Cantos Espirituales from the Espiritista Tradition.

Afternoon, we will be learning some Orisha Songs from the Candomble Tradition with Ricardo Axe.

Sunday full price tickets Sunday Concessionary Tickets

It’s cheaper to come both days. Concessionary tickets are for Students, and those claiming benefits. Please bring proof of status.

Weekend Tickets £40.00 for both days

Concessionary Weekend Tickets. £30.00 Please bring proof of status

If you would like to book a Yoga Place please book here. It is free for weekend participants only:

Book for a Place for Yoga.

This weekend is open to Choir and Non Choir members alike  Any extra information please contact here.



DANIELA R DE ARMAS: is one of the founder members of the London Lucumi Choir and has been running and teaching the Choir since it’s foundation in 2006. She has had over thirty years of teaching experience and performing experience as a singer and is also a Priestess of Oshun in the Lucumi tradition. For more information:

More about Daniela

RICARDO AXE: Is a Candomble Practitioner from Brazil who is both a singer, dancer and percussionist in addition to a fantastic photographer. He has had years of teaching Dance and Percussion in Brighton and  his voice can be heard here. Baba Fururu featuring Ricardo Axe.He has worked in collaboration with the London Lucumi Choir for several years.




LEAH BARNETT: will be teaching a few early birders a Yoga session. In addition to having been a member of the Choir. Leah is an experienced and Seasoned Yoga Teacher.

For more about Leah’s teaching