Lukas Finalist!

Hey everyone. We reached the final in the Folk/CLassical Music Category and we continue to need your votes.

The Lukas Awards are awards which honour contributions associated with the Latino Community in the UK. We have been nominated every year since the Foundation of the awards. We have yet to win so please VOTE FOR US!! Why you should vote for us as opposed to other entries. Why we deserve YOUR vote!

  1. We lift everyone up in Song whilst singing to Orisha.
  2. Our Choir is open to all and is non-audition!
  3. We have been going for almost 12 years.
  4. We have been a stepping stone for some of the other artists also nominated for a Lukas award and without us, they may not have had the exposure, nor the knowledge.
  5. We provide a service to the community
  6. We entertain and educate
  7. We have recorded three albums which is unusual for a community Choir.
  8. We have an international name.
  9. When possible our Choir director who is initiated to Oshun informs us of the differences between Cultural representation and Sacred representation of Orisha and is knowledgeable about the difference between the two mediums so there is no confusion.
  10. We sound Good!



Listen to us!