Songlines Review 2018

4 Star Review: Songlines Issue 137 ( Spring 2018)

“Now 12 Years Old, The London Lucumi Choir continues to do extra-ordinary community centred arts work and celebrates the rich syncretistic cultures of the African Diaspora while producing powerfully unifying roots music. Subtitled, Praise Songs for Oshun and Obatala in reference to two key Yoruba deities-forces of vital energy for many people across West Africa, Cuba, Brazil and beyond, this ten track CD takes listeners on a journey along lost London Rivers that ultimately find their source deep in the Kongo Kingdom.

Percussion integral to the ensemble is a prompt and rhythmic peg for vaulting solos and Choral harmonies that rain down like spring showers. Call- and- response features in all the arrangements; this is song as conversation, as shared emotion. The final track explores three separate Orisha traditions, the Choir skilfully guided by Candomblé. initiate, Ricardo Axé. and a re-mix giving the sign off an urban contemporary treatment. London is indeed lucky to have this musical powerhouse in it’s ‘burbs. ” By Chris Moss.

Track To Try: Oshun Iyesa30126020_10156203910994462_1302735113_o