2016 Gigs in Photos.

We did some great gigs last year. We have some wonderful photos to document them

05-05- 2016

“Lullaby for Naila” Photos by Jonathan Martinez

This gig was to launch the Cd  “lullaby for Naila” Which was a celebration of ancestors. The story of one small girl and the story of us all. Please click on each image to view


16- 07-2016


London Lucumi Choir at the Barbican Celebrating 30 years of Latin Music in London with Roberto Pla’s Orchestra and featuring Snowboy and others. Photography by Jonathan Martinez

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We played at the Interfaith Music Festival at the British Museum and Raised Money for Water Aid also over the Summer;



Christmas with DJ Ritu at London’s Southbank. “A World In London” We were very lucky to be invited to DJ Ritu’s Show ” A World In London” on Resonance FM. We had a great time. Artist Alban Low also sketched us as we sang. A few days later we performed at the Clore Ballroom at London’s Southbank. It was great fun. Here are some photos:

For more of Alban Low’s Sketches:

Alban Low’s Blog

Mish’s Album of Photos



https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Fstephen.moon.372%2Fvideos%2F2173527686205715%2F&show_text=0&width=560“>Asojano live

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The Last Gig of the Year was the Samsung Promotion for Gear S3 Promoting Health and Diversity with the World Music Choir.

About The Gig

“Just got home from a super Cool gig. We were singing on a raised stage underneath the Eros statue in Piccadilly Circus, part of a Samsung Promotion emphasising the health benefits of singing and celebrating of diversity. The team were really blown away by us and we got lots of good feedback. We wore these watches which measure your heartbeat, calorie expenditure and arm movements. All of that data was converted into visual sound waves and projected onto a screen below us! It was probably one of the most interesting gigs we have done. Plus the energy was super interesting; ( in metaphysical terms). singing to Orisha in that very full on and famous landmark” My Status on the 18th December:

Photos by Choir Members and thanks to Cheil and Cornucopia Music




We finally launch our third CD on the 29th April 2017 at Rich Mix as part of La Linea Festival:


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I am a London based Iyalosha, crowned with Ochun; who is passionate about the arts I Grew up in London, mixed background, third generation musician. I went to study music in Cuba in 1986, since then I have done many things. Was one of the first Salsa Dance Teachers in London in 1989, before it became the sport of a million suburban housewives; formed Orchestra Salsa Y Ache in late 80's, toured and did many gigs for seven years; then Salsasonica which recorded with Buena Vista's Guajiro Mirabal. Have taught Cuban Music to children. I have also organised small trips to Cuba in the past before the rise of tourism there. Have written about Latin Music, and I am passionate about singing and encouraging everyone to sing. I formally ran " singing for the terrified" at the Mary Ward Centre, in addition to a world music choir. I Have been a practitioner of Santeria since 1986. Between the years 1991 and 2005 I received My Elekes, My Warriors and Olokun. In 2005 I received my Ikofafun ( Ifa) and on February 6 2006 I became initiated as a Priestess of Ochun in Luyano, Havana. My Branch of the religion is La Pimienta. I was born from Obatala and Yemaya. Ocha Inle and Omi Laibo are my Iyalorishas. Currently I run and direct the London Lucumi Choir which sings Afro Cuban songs to the Orisha and other Afro-Cuban genres. I have also become a celebrant qualified to perform marriage ceremonies, renewal of vows, baby naming ceremonies and other family based ceremony and ritual.