Recording and Collaborations:

Over the past year, the London Lucumi Choir have been preparing their third album dedicated to the Orishas Oshun and Obatala. Recording is a learning experience and working with different engineers and in different locations and studios has also been very enlightening. One of the difficulties in recording has always been the fact that many engineers panic when it comes to the addition of drums. Being a Choir also that does not stick to a click track, where the build up of energy is vital and where the songs we sing comes from a living spiritual tradition, it has been very difficult to find engineers who truly understand the genre.
This was until I took the London Lucumi Choir who came with me to Nottingham to join with the Axis Orisha Singers and the Axis Percussion Trio. Richard Kensington introduced me to an amazing space in Nottingham. It is a recording studio in an old cinema called Paper Stone Studios. Paper Stone Studios in Nottingham
There, a very laid back Sound Engineer, Huw Jones set us up, spent an hour with the Percussion, adding screens so the percussion did not spill over. We recorded two numbers, completely live. No overdubs. The experience was incredibly simple and uncomplicated. This was in comparison to our experience in London, where the engineer panicked at the thought of recording us live. We recording Semi-live in London, and it was a long drawn out process and there was significantly more mixing and tweeking to be done. The tracks in comparison recorded in Nottingham did not need much mixing. Moral of the story. Find a good venue to record in, big enough to accommodate the whole choir and the drums. An engineer who can work with the set up and lots and lots of enthusiasm, which we had in abundance!

Very happy with the Experience!
Very happy with the Experience, photo credit Hugh Miller!

I really would love to record there again.

Would also love to record in Egrem!

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